1992 cadillac deville fuses

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My '92 cad has a short somewhere. When I pull the 40 amp "ELC" maxi fuse under the hood it stops the drain on the battery. If I put the ELC fuse back in and I pull either or both fuses 11 & 12 i/p it still drains the battery. Any ideas? Thank you for your assistance!



You are going to need to know what all is on the ELC circuit. Once you find that out, you disconnect every thing that goes to that circuit one at a time, check for draw at battery either by a meter or a test light, by putting either or between the positive cable and the battery. When you eliminate one by one, you will find the draw. Now, the problem is there is only one way to find out what all is on the ELC circuit. A Cadillac electrical service manual. You are going to have to try to get one on ebay or craigs. 1990,91, 92, 93 are the same body and same equipment. Otherwise you are just guessing on a 20 year old car. Besides, if you are keeping the car, its a low cost investment because then you can do all future electrical repairs. I don't even remember what ELC stands for anymore. Do not buy anything but a Cadillac electrical service manual.

I think the car is too old, but you could check out http://www.alldata.com, because if they did have it, you could download for $30.

One other thing, pulling other fuses will not help you as you found. You need to find everything o0n the ELC circuit. ELC may stand for electronic leveling control, which would be your compressor for the rear air shocks, but it is not going to control just that in most cases. Its just a guess, but why don't you disconnect the compressor and see if the draw is gone. Wouldn't it be funny if I was right? Could be the sensor in the rear. Just thoughts.



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