1993 cadillac deville

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I cannot find the control module for the corner lights on my 1993 deville. Can you help me ?? Can you also offer a good site to look at other issues with the same car, for future reference ?

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Where I will direct you is not free. It actually will cost you around $30, and will be the best money you have spent on this old car if you want to work on it yourself. Go to http://www.alldata.com

you will get all the factory serice manual info for your car.


I recently bought a 1993 Cadillac Deville. The car has a new battery and will start, but will die and the charge light will come on after about a minute of running.


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It sounds like you have an alternator issue. Charging, 13.2 to 14 volts goes into the battery. If the car sits for a while a good battery will come up to 12 volts if discharged. When charging the battery will be at a minimum of 13 volts going to it. In the event the battery is not being charged all the accessories are discharging the battery. The engine running and not charging will take power. When the battery gets to 10 volts or below, which does not take long on a Cadillac the computer does not get the required 10 volts, the engine stalls.

I think you need an alternator from you description. Auto Zone and other parts stores can confirm this, but I would not recommend driving the car there because it will strand you.

If you change the alternator, check the serpentine belt of cracks, if you see them, replace at the same time, so later you don't have the belt break and cause the engine to overheat in the future.



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