1994 lebaron instrument cluster problem

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1994 Chrysler lebaron conv non-digital instrument cluster, Hopefully you can steer me in the right direction. The gauges and speedo portion of the cluster has quit working, however the tach portion works fine. The problem has happen before about a year ago and for what ever reason started to work again shortly after it quit with no problem since till now. Vehicle has a well driven 210,000 mileage and is generaly a a-to b vehicle. Hopefully this is a common complant with a inexpensive repair. If more info is needed for diag please advise, Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Michael


Hi Michael, The gauges are powered by fuse 16 (5 amp) so check that to be sure it conducts and doesn't have a subtle break in its wire that causes it to be flaky. Verify that it is sending 12v to pin 9 of the red plug at the cluster when the ignition is in the 'run' position. If that is so, then I would try heating up the solder joint where the connector from pin 9 socket is soldered to the circuit board. All the gauges need that power from fuse 16 to operate, and all have their individual signal wires, so it pretty much points to a failure of that power supply circuit I have described. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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