1995 cadillac eldarodo touring theft system

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hi, one day i hooked up my stereo system and couple of hours my battery dies i buy a battery charger and charged it for 15hrs, i put the battery back into the car I try to start in and you hear it coming alive and when i turned to start it it won't turn or anything then a message pops up and says theft prevention,please remove key, and wait three minutes. i was like okay i waited and time was up then i tried to start again and it does it all over again then i disconnected the battery again waited 15 min hooked it back up and tried starting it then it says it again.. what should i do.?



I would still recommend bypassing the VATS. You can have a no start, tilt the column and the wires will go back together inside the harness. You can hit the steering wheel or the brake to jar the wires together. Bypassing it takes all your worries out of being stranded and it is not if, but when.

Just looking out for you. The VATS wires breaking are that common!



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