1995 chrysler lhs: overheating though thermostat changed, '95 lh body

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Car is over heating put in a new thermostat ... I hope nothing to serious . What can be wrong with it ?


Hi Regina, If is still overheats with a new thermostat then it might be the radiator is partially clogged (and that can be flushed out chemically) or the water pump is not functioning well (but not too likely that is the cause). Or when the thermostat was replaced the system was not "bled" and you may have air trapped in the cooling system that should be bled out and replaced with coolant so that the coolant will circulate efficiently throughout the system. If a shop replaced the thermostat have them to this for free. Either way, this would be what to do first. Here is how to do that:

Attach one end of 1/4 inch ID clear hose that is 4 feet long to the bleed valve on the thermostat housing. Route the hose to the front of the vehicle, away from the accessory drive belt, drive pulley, and electric fan. Place the other end into a clean container. The hose will prevent coolant from contacting the accessory drive belt when bleeding the system during refill operations.
Open the bleed valve
Slowly fill coolant fill coolant pressure bottle until a steady stream of coolant flows from hose attached to the bleed valve.
Gently squeeze upper radiator hose until all air is removed from system.
Close bleed valve and continue filling to the top of the coolant deaeration pressure bottle.
Install cap on coolant pressure bottle
Remove hose from bleed valve

By overheating, do you mean it actually boils over and if not what is the temp gauge showing when it stabilizes? A last possibility is a dragging brake so chech the wheels after driving it for a few miles to see if that could be a cause. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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