1995 dodge neon 5-sp sohc - a/c

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QUESTION: I am trying to get my A/C back online. It was working fine at the end of the A/C season. Now it is time to use it again and it does not work. (I live in Arizona.) I checked out the instructions for some R-134a recharge "kit". It says to start the car and turn the A/C and fan on to max settings and attach hose low side, etc. It mentions that the compressor must be running, then you can refill the system. However, Roland told me that the compressor may not be kicking on because of low pressure. If the compressor must be running to refill the system, but it is not coming on due to low refrigerant pressure, how do you work around that? Can you replenish the refrigerant even if the clutch is not engaged?

ANSWER: when u hook it up tot eh ac line what is the pressure that it shows on the dial?

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QUESTION: I have not actually obtained the "refill kit" yet. If that is not the problem, I do not want to waste $35 on it. The system under normal conditions is always pressurized whether the compressor is running or not, like the fuel system on a Chrysler Laser or Daytona? Are there any auto parts stores such as Pep Boys or O'Reilly that will do a simple A/C pressure test at no charge? (by the way, the fuse to the A/C - Heater in the passenger compartment is in the #12 slot, not #8 as Roland said...its #12 on my car, anyways. Thanks for your help ~Diane


u have 2 choices in this matter u can do the stuff yourself by trial and error it will cost some money just to see what is wrong with it. Or u pay some one that already has the tools for making the correct diog on this matter and then they let tell u whats wrong. There will not be a simple fix and u might not get it right the first time I am sorry. Most techs spend years collecting tools and knowledge on how car systems work this is why they offer there service at a price. I personally own over 80,000 in tools over the 15 years and I paid for every one of them. If 35 bucks is so important I would keep it save up for a shop and let them see whats going on with your car so then u can save up more for what ever its going to take to get fixed.


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