1998 cadillac sts dying and starting issue

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I have a relatively low mileage (123,000) 1998 Cadillac. I have had it for 8 years. First, it started dying sometimes when I come to a stop. I had my auto repair shop look at it twice for a total of over $600 and they finally told me that where they "thought" the problem was was hard to get at and would be very expensive. I decided to live with it for a while. Last week I tried to start the car and it wouldn't start, not even turn over. My son came to help me jump start it and before he could even do it, it started right up. It has done that twice since. The second time it wouldn't start they said it needed a new battery because it wouldn't start upon being jumped so I paid $174 for a new battery. The problem still exists.

I'm not sure if the two issues are related but I definitely need help.



Without seeing the car, I am very limited on my answers. As far as the stalling, no clue--

As far as the cranking, these cars are notorious for not cranking because of the flawed anti theft system and you should bypass it no matter what.

Fortunately for you, please read my recent answers in the last day or two on the VATS and the answer is there. Thus could give you a no crank-crank situation and unfortunately there are too many idiots that think the answer is`a battery without knowing anything about the junk GM stuck the consumer with which will cause a no crank situation. If you bypass it, it is one less thing you have ti worry about the next time you are given the wrng diagnoses.



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