1year 7 month chinese shar pei

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My usually very active Shar Pei suddenly became very sluggish and tired earlier today. He acted fine when my husband left for work, but now is only wanting to lay by me and sleep. His head and only his head has twitched and kind of rocked side to side a couple of times like he was going to have a seizure.He has never done this before. I found a spot on the carpet where it appears he had vomited and then ate it. He also walked super slow and didn't want to go on his walk and normally drags me across the yard to is favorite tree. He ate normally,urinated and defecated normally. He now appears to be avoiding putting much weight on his hind right leg but will lay on it. His nose is cold as normal, his paws appear free from any cuts, and his leg appears free of any swelling or bumps.It doesn't appear to hurt him when I touch or stretch his leg. Could all of the lethargicness and odd behavior be from a hip injury or displasia.


It's possible that he could be in some pain. When a dog hurts a hip or leg, they always lay on the injured side to protect it. I would give him 24 hours and see if he perks up or if you see further signs of limping. He may have just strained it jumping around or running outside. Eating/drinking/BMs are all good then that is a good sign. Give him a day to lay around.


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