2.5l v-6: no compression after timing belt installed

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I have a '98 Sebring convertible JXI 2.5 engine. Last week we replaced the water pump. The timing was reset correctly the only thing not done right was to remove the tensioner and reset it. When we restarted the car it ran fine but made a very loud noise - sounded about like a diesel engine. But it ran and idled fine so I drove it about 10 miles and the noise stopped. Drove about 75 miles that day with no problems, started the car the next day and the noise was back. After about 5 miles the noise stopped and about 30 seconds later the car shut off and turns over but will not start. Pulled off the covers and the timing marks are all good at TDC. Checked compression on the front 3 cylinders and get nothing, not even a couple pounds. Is it possible that the tensioner is the problem or could the valves have bent that badly without causing a problem in how the car ran up until it shut off and without throwing it out of time? Thanks, Laura


Hi Laura, That engine is supposed to be of non-interference design so the valves should not be bent. I suspect the belt tensioner is the cause of this problem. Have you visually verified that the the cam shafts themselves (not just the sprockets) are rotating when you turn it over by hand, as it is surprising that you get no compression at all while the valves in theory should not have been damaged? I would suggest that you do a re-install of the timing belt and tensioner following the instructions in the manual. If you don't have that I can xerox copy and postal mail you those pages. Please "rate" my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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