2002 chrysler 300m obdii code p0441

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How do I go about narrowing down (Is there a standard place to start my checking of the emissions components?)because from what I have read this code can be generated by multiple parts of the emission system. which of the several options can start with?


Hi Carl, The parts in question are the evap purge solenoid, the hose from the solenoid to the canister, the hose from the canister to the fuel tank, or the evap canister. I can copy a procedure from the '04 manual and attach those pages to an email I will send to you directly. Let me know your email address, but don't use the @ symbol, insteat use 'at', otherwise it will be automatically erased from your follow-up question. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland PS sorry for the delay but I just found your qustion in the 'pool' to which Kevin referred it.


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