2003 caravan flickering issues

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QUESTION: Hi Roland http://www.allexperts.com/user.cgi?m=6&catID=807&expID=63082&qID=5036647

Link above to previous correspondence. Last question you posed to me was to check the small wire off the + terminal from the battery. There is only the large red wire coming off. absolutely no doubt that this then splits into two red 6 or 8 gauge wires. One goes to the fuse box and one to the wiring harness which I think is for the powertrain. With the battery connected I open the drivers door and the lights are very dim. Then if I turn the key the panel goes crazy. I'm wondering whether it's got anything to do with the key or barrel???

ANSWER: Hi Leigh, What is the battery voltage reading before you open the door (with everything off) and then what does it read when you open the door? What is the reading with the key turned to the 'run' position? Roland

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I've just put the battery on to charge again. It's freezing cold here and it's been off the car all day. I think the cold may have killed it. When I tested it this morning straight off charge I was getting 12.5v. One other thing, I coated the posts and cable ends in vaseline and have since learnt this may actually be an insulator. I'm going back out in the snow now to clean them off again. There are mixed reviews as to whether it should be used. What's your opinion?

ANSWER: There is a battery post 'grease' that may do a better job and be more conductive than vaseline.

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QUESTION: Hi Roland. I cleaned everything off again and put the battery back in the car. Getting 12.5v with battery cabkes off and 10.03 with the cables hooked up


OK, that means you have a short circuit of some sort. Try removing fuses one at a time until you find one that causes the voltage to go back to 12.5v. Let me know and we'll go from there. It does seem like a large drop in voltage however so there may be a short to ground on one two wires connected to the + post of the battery so look for that. And also note any warm wires or smells.


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