2003 grand voyager: folding power mirrors

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QUESTION: Hi, my driver's side mirror has been hit and both mirrors now won't reset to the correct position when the switch is pressed - I had to manually move the whole housing on both sides to the correct positions. The mirrors do swing out and in when the button is pressed but go too far in both directions, 'clicking' at either end of their travel.

Is there a way to 'reset' them so they're in the correct fixed positions both folded in and extended to the driving position?


ANSWER: Hi Barry, I have the '02 manual as a hard copy and the '04 manual on CD. Is this '03 vehicle a domestic-sold or an export-sold originally? The power folding mirrors seem to only be available on the export type of vehicle. I assume the issue is with the control of the power folding/unfolding function. That is mediated by the body control module. Because the problem happened when the mirror was struck it is reasonable to assume this may due to damage with the wiring between the folding motor and the body computer...at least that is an assumption. I do have the wiring diagrams which you could verify using a volt-ohm meter. It may be that the wiring is good but that the 'logic' is thrown off by the experience. That would be an issue which might be done by a calibration approach. If that were the case there may well be a fault code set in the memory of the body controller, and if that were the case then the body manual will list that code and how to correct it. There are about 7 pages of possible folding mirror fault codes with trouble shooting steps given, and there is also a suggestion that the body computer 'verification' be done upon completion of the repair. That 'verification' involves use of a Chrysler diagnostic readout box to interface with the body control module. I would be inclined to start with a fault code readout and see if that yields any leads. A nationwide autoparts store, such as Autozone, will usually do a free readout, or an independent garage will usually charge $40 or less. A dealer may charge $80. Let me know if you get a fault code related to the mirrors and then I can check the manual for how to deal with that and send you a copy of the troubleshoot from the '04 CD. I can provide the wiring diagrams but would like to ID the model year/inport-export situation so as to be sure the diagrams are applicable. Please "rate" my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: Thanks very much Roland. The car is a UK 2003 model, right-hand drive - I hope this doesn't cause you an issue! I'll see if I can get a readout from the body controller module. Regards, Barry


That makes sense, Barry. It may be that a Body Verification procedure alone will solve the problem. So if you go to a dealer have them do that as well as seek any fault codes related to the body controller. I revised my first answer slightly just after you read it. Thanks for doing the rating. You can also rate this answer and consider a 'nomination' as well. Roland


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