2003 sebring rear power windows don't work

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This is a follow up to my window problem. I have DOWN power only to the left rear window only from the passenger seat switch. The master switch will not power the window in either direction. I am puzzled as to what is going on here...I think the motor is good, and I have some sort of electric problem...any more ideas?

I have not started on the right rear window yet, so I have no information to offer there...

I now have the rear window partially down and would like to get it back up, if possible, for driving in inclement weather. any suggestions?


Hi Bruce, I think you mis-understand when you sat that you get "down power to the left rear window only FROM the passenger seat switch". How do you know that the power is coming 'from the passenger seat switch" as these three window's motors are already connected in common by a 12v supply line which comes from the plug on the back of the fuse box that I told you about earlier? The three switchs get power in parallel, not in series to one another. I think what may be your problem is in the master switch's rear left control switch (and maybe the right switch as well) as if you do have power to the left rear switch in the down direction (is this new or have you had that, and if new what did you change?) then that means that one of the four contacts of the rear left master switch is OK, BUT the other three contacts may be no good inside that part of the master switch. Did that master switch ever get water inside of it perhaps. I think you need to remove the plug from that master switch and test all its contacts related to the rear windows (2,3,4,9, should be connected to 10 at rest) to start with. And 3 and 9 should be connected to 1 when up is tried on left and right rear respectively, and 2 and 4 should be connected to 1 when down is tried, respectively. Roland PS Do you have the wiring diagram? If not, tell me your email address and I will send it to you. When you tell me the address use the word 'at' not the symbol @, because otherwise the program will erase your entire address before it gets to me.


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