2004 chrysler sebring 2.7

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I was wondering if you can help me. I have a 2004 Chrysler Sebring 2.7. I have owned this car since April 2012 and since the cold weather has started I am having trouble with the transmission slipping.This just happens in the first 5 minutes of start up & driving & only the last couple of days with the temp.being around 0 degrees outside. Once it is warmed up it seems ok. There are 190,00km on the car I just had $2300.00 in work done to the front end. Would a transmission flush help with this problem ? Thanks for any help you can give me.



Hi Sharon, You probably don't know the last mileage reading since the fluid was changed but a 'conservative'* frequency would be every 50,000 miles. Pull out the dipstick and check the level of the fluid in the transmission would be the first step. When new the fluid is dyed red but turns brown with time which is not a problem. However if it is black or smells burnt then that means it should be changed out. To change it out properly you would do a 'power flush' which removes all 11 or so quarts, not just half of it which would occur if you just drain it from the transmission (which leave the rest in the torque converter and cooling system). Only use only ATF +4 fluid (Chryler Mopar 9602 or equivalent) as that is an important detail and also change the filter. Before doing that, however, you would do well to get a fault code readout of the trans controller memory, for free at a nation-wide autoparts store such as Autozone or for about $40 at an independent shop, to see is the controller has noticed a problem and logged it as a 4-digit number in its memory. Let me know any such numbers that appear and we'll go from there. It is uncertain whether power flush and filter change will help, but it is possible because degraded fluid and clogged filter could cause abnormal low internal fluid pressure which then would prompt slippage. Please "rate" my answer (see below). Roland

  • If you drive moderately that change frequency in the future could be extended to 100,000 miles.


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