2004 sebring sedan: front jack location

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Can you (with as much detail as possible) let me know where I can jack the car up in the front -- getting both wheels off the ground at the same time?




Hi Jason, The shop manual for that vehicle does not show a single mid-line jacking point that is safe to lift both wheels off the ground simultaneously, at either the front or the rear of the car. There are shown to be 'lift' points when using a commercial lift, one each side where you can also use a jack stand to support the vehicle that are located on the "frame" and which are inboard from the tire track width and is 21" to the rear of the front axle shafts. So measure from the axle shafts, back 21", and look for the beefy metal pads under which to position your two jack stands. You would raise it high enough with the normal tire changing jack and then slide the jack stand underneath and lower the vehicle onto the stand. Then do the other side. I can't exactly describe what the support pads look like nor the spacing between them but they should be obvious if you go rearward the 21 inches from the axle shafts. Don't try to support the front end with a single floor jack in the center of the engine crossmember or any other body part or damage will occur. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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