2005 pacifica: driver's side mirror

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QUESTION: The drivers side mirror was broken off by a hit-and-run, so I replaced it. The new one will now not work. Window locks, seats, all else still working fine. The passenger side adjusts fine. All fuses and relays test ok. What am I missing here?

ANSWER: Hi Mark, The first thing to check would be fuses #40 (40 amp) and #47 (20 amp) in the power distribution box as these are needed exclusively to power the driver mirror. The passenger mirror is operated by fuses #41 and #46 so if one side works and the other doesn't the logical possibility is that the driver mirror is not getting the power necessary to operate it. One of those two fuses may bave blown when the mirror was broken off the door. If that is not the answer then we can check out the details of other wires in its circuit. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: Hello Roland, and thank you for the reply. I've pulled & checked the fuses, all are fine. On top of those you listed I've checked #3 also. What would you suggest next?


Hi Mark, The next step would be to check the wiring at the mirror proper. It sounds like you have the wiring diagram, but if not let me know your email address an I can attach it to an email I will send to you directly. If you want to tell me your email address don't use the @ symbol but rather use 'at'. Probably the insult to the mirror tore a wire or two. The mirror appears to be digitally operated and only has 2 wires which connect through a couple of plugs to the mirror driver module which is located inside the door very nearby to the mirror. So you may need to remove the door trim panel to verify those connections between the module and the mirror. Pins 4 and 5 at the mirror go to pin 10 and 9. respectively, at the mirror driver module.

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