2006 chrysler 300 wont even turn over.

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I was wondering how to go about fixing my 2006 chrysler 300. The other day I went to go start it up for lunch and it was turning over but the low gas light was on and It wouldn't start. I thought it was not picking up the little gas I had because I was parked on an uphill. So I got 4 gallons of gas and put it in my car and went to go start it and it would start and then shut off. So i tryed it again and same thing. Then I went to start it again and nothing not even a click. But everything is on, on my dash and its not the gas because it says i have an 1/8th of a tank when I turn the key on.

    I was wondering if u could help me out with the info i gave u thanks for your time I would greatly appreciate if u could get back to me.


Hi Tyler, It could be the battery is weak or some electrical connection issue. I would start by working with a helper who will turn the key. Open the hood and look inside the intergrated power module box on the right side and locate fuses# 10 and 20 to verify that both are good. Then look for the starter relay in that same box. Have the helper try to start the engine while you feel whether the relay closes (clicks softly). If not then the gear shifter may not be in true P or N position so move it a bit one way or the other. If it does closes then listen for whether there is louder click coming from the solenoid switch on the starter motor proper. If none, then the battery may by too weak to close that swtich, or the wire from the relay to that switch could be disconnected. Try charging the battery or jump start. If the loud click happens but no action from the starter motor, then try charging/jump start and/or try tapping with a hammer on the side of the starter motor while the helper tries the key. Those are the ways I would approach it. Sorry for the delay in responding but I just found your question in the 'pool' to which it had been refered by Kevin. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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