2007 t&c fm ok am radio doesn't work

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Hi - we have a 2007 Town and Country - the FM radio works fine but not the AM radio - I see the opposite problem posted - checked the antenna connection - no wire there - but friend said they don't have wires now... can you help?


Hi Joanne, The '07 manual says there is an antenna and a coaxial wire runs from it at the right front fender to the rear of the radio. It may be that the antennea connection is bad which could take out the am but not the fm. It also could be the selector switch where you opt for am or for fm has a bad internal contact for the am option. You can do some electrical testing for either of those problems if you have a volt-ohm meter. If you want to get into it let me know for more details. Sorry for the delay in answering but I just found your question in the "pool" to which it had been referred by Kevin. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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