220 volt shut off switch.

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I have three 10 gauge wires running between my circuit breaker box & the pressure switch on my 220 volt well pump for my garden. I want to wire in an on/off switch in my garage (there's enough extra wire to do this) so I can shut the power off to the pump without having to go downstairs & shut it off @ the breaker box. What kind of switch can I use & how do i connect it?


Install a single pole single throw 20 amp switch and connect one wire to each terminal and run these to the pressure switch. At the pressure switch, disconnect either of the two wires and connect the wire that was on the pressure switch with a wire nut to either of the two from the switch, connect the other switch wire to the pressure switch where the original wire was connected. Now the switch has to be on for the pump circuit to operate. Thanks J


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