230/208/1/60 circuit

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QUESTION: I am wiring my house for an up coming AC installation and I need to know if I need to run a 220 20 amp circuit or a 110 20 amp circuit the unit calls for 230/208 volt do I use a 2 pole circuit breaker on a single pole please advise Carl

ANSWER: Double pole breakers are for 220 volts, which is what you will need.

Make sure it is 20 amps, because most AC units are 30 amps.

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QUESTION: I was not specific enough on my original question the AC unit is a 220 30amp as you noted but I need to ID what is needed for the air handler I was told it was a 20 amp circuit but the installer of the AC was not sure if this is 110 single pole or 220 2 pole how do I find this info it notes on the side it needs 230/208 volts let me know if you can help Carl


This is getting more into HVAC, and I am not really an expert there. All the home units I have seen are 110 volts for the blower. Somewhere in the instructions or stamped on the unit, it should say how volts it takes. Or it may be stamped on the motor. If the unit is not installed yet, the wire would be the same anyway. If you got a double pole breaker, you could still use one side for 110 volts. The white wire would connect to the breaker for 220 volts or to the neutral bar for 110 volts.


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