240v need 120v

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I have 240 outside outlet that the pool heater and a timer for a chlorine make run from.

I just added a fused box off the timer and ran a black lead to one of the sides of the 240 leads going into the timer box.

The timer box is set to use 240.

I ran that lead down into a box below and fused it to avoid any possible short that may feedback. I want to run from that fuse box a ground wire a power and white neutral to tie into a basic outlet box near the wall to use for basic stuff.

drill, maybe a light etc.

where do i attach the while neutral to as there is no place other then the timer box unit case or something. when i do it i am getting 110 but its not enough current to even run my drill. It will turn on a compact florescent barely.


OMG. Are you making Frankenstein wiring? It sounds like you are having fun trying to figure this out. It is great that you are trying things yourself. Read your question here sent chills down my back. You are entering into dangerous territory. Please find someone who can come on site with you and help you out.

When you are can only get enough power to operate a light but not a drill that means to me you are losing power into your environment or you have a series circuit. Both conditions are dangerous. Also, Where is your GFCI? It should be tripping with you wire configuration!


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