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I'm having issues w/ my dryer not getting enough power to run all functions properly. I have tested the wires from the outlet(240v three prong outlet), of which the red wire seems to not be getting power. I believe this is an issue w/the breaker, however I cannot find a main shut off switch. so my question is this. How do I go about changing a breaker w/out a main shut off?


You have a split-buss panel. There will not be a main shut-off with this type.

Test the breaker to see if the breaker is bad. Put your tester probes on the screws where the wires are connected to the breaker. If the red side is hot then your problem is not the breaker. If the red side is dead then the breaker is either bad or tripped. Flip the breaker off and then forcefully back on to make sure one side wasn't tripped.

One of the two pole breakers (4) at the top controls power to the bottom breakers. It looks like the bottom left breaker on the top controls the power to the bottom breakers. I could not tell if your dryer breaker was on the top or the bottom.

If your dryer breaker is located on the top you will have to change it with out any shut off. When you turn the breaker to the off position it kills the power going to the wires connected to it. Turn the breaker off, remove the wires and bend them out of the way. Then remove the breaker but be careful because the buss bars the breaker snaps onto are going to be hot. Make sure the new breaker is turned off, install the new breaker and then reinstall the wires going to it.

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable in doing this please get a qualified electrician to do it.


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