2nd Amendment & Social Issues

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Who was the 2nd Amendment writen for? I had a discussion with my friends who believe that the 2nd Amendment was made for Caucasians. They feel this way because any time a law has to be passed concerning the ban of guns, a larger number of Caucasians are the individuals who are often opposed to the idea. I do however realize that this is mostly due to the fact that Caucasians are for the most part are well established. They tend to own more property therefore, there is a need to secure ones' possession. Giving what you know about the 2nd Amendment, are there facts that support my friends' beliefs?


The Second Amendment was written for all people of the United States of America, not just for Caucasians. While it may appear that Caucasians are the major group in opposition to anti gun laws I can assure you that people of all races do not want to lose their freedom. The Bill of Rights and in particular the Second Amendment are directly tied to our freedoms that we enjoy here.

Anti gun laws hurt the law abiding citizens in America. In countries that have lost their gun rights, they also lost their freedom.

Remember that freedom is not free.


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