3-way switches

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Hi, I wired a three-way switch with dimmable three-way switches and have a problem. The lights are between switches. I connected the hot feed to the common terminal of the first switch and then with a three wire cable I ran the neutral white to the fixture and the travelers (black and red) up to the fixture box. From there I continued with a three-wire cable to the second switch connecting the reds together and the black traveler to the white (coded for hot with electricians tape) and these went thru to the other switch. I then connected the black wire (of the second three-wire cable) from the common terminal on the second switch to the light fixture. While I can turn off the lights from either location, I can turn them on from only one switch and this changes between switches depending on the sequence I toggle the switches.

Any ideas? I wonder if having two dimmers is the problem or if I need to switch the travelers at one of the switches. Thanks.


If they are normal dimmers, you can't have 2 of them. One can be a dimmer, but the other has to be a regular switch. If they are special dimmers (They are touch dimmers made by Lutron), then you have to follow the instructions or contact the customer service department.

You may have switched the wires on the switches. The common terminals can be only the power in and the power to the fixture. The ones that are not marked common are for the travelers.


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