31 day regulator wall clock

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Hi my wife got this clock it runs fine.When it hits 12:00 it only stricks once.It stricks on all the other hours as it should.What to do Thank You


Emory, most of the 31-day Asian clocks have a strike mechanism that is connected to the hour hand mechanism. I like this design (it is not on many other clocks that I know of). It usually cannot get out of adjustment unless something has been forced out out of alignment. With your clock, it could be that the hour hand is a little out of position and the 12:00 hour is the most critical. Check to see if the hour hand is pointing a little past any hour when the clock strikes any hour. If so, gently slip the hour hand back to the hour that just struck. Setting the minute hand does not affect this correction. Or, if the hour hand is pointing to the 12 and it only strikes once, go ahead and slip it a couple of minutes before the hour. Let the clock run up to the 12:00 hour and see if that corrects the problem. Let me know how it comes out. If the problem isn't solved, we will look at something else.


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