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QUESTION: I would like to buy one. Hermle - - but produced for Mason & Sullivan back in the "90's.

ANSWER: From the information I have on the M%26S 3325x movement, I'm wondering if it was a Hermle. There ares some subtle differences. I'm thinking maybe a Kieninger. Are you sure it was a Hermle? At any rate, I am looking into similar movements. As M%26S did show the length of the pendulum from the centershaft to the center of the pendulum bob (26"), the actual pendulum designation for movements is calculated a little differently. Therefore, I will have to check some movements to determine the correct one which would be geared for that particular pendulum. To determine what you now have and what is actually needed, it would be best for us to discuss this further. If you will contact me at the address below with your email address and/or phone number, I will get back with you. For personal confidentiality, I do not ask for or give personal contact information over the Internet. I look forward to hearing from you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so very much for you interest and quick reply. The following words, letters and numbers are stamped on the back plate of the movement: "F", (which I believe is Hermle's year-of-manufacture code) "Made in Germany", "To Mason & Sullivans", "Exclusive specifications", "No (0) Jewels", "Unadjusted", Made in Germany", ""3325X", "66cm/92.16". The pendulum measures 20 1/4" from where it hangs on the suspension spring to the center of the bob. The bob is 4.5" diameter. The weight of the pendulum, including the bob, is approx 9oz.


If there is a single "F" above the line with Mason %26 Sullivan and then the rest of the information, I would think it would be a Hermle. I understand that Mason and Sullivan closed around 1992. If the "F" is where I have indicated, it would have been manufactured in 1993, so that would seem like it was one of the last ones M%26S received. Also, with all the information you have given me, do you have one of these movements in hand? If so, is it a worn out one that needs replacing or do you need another?


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