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Ok, I have a porch light that is run from a 3 way switch set up.one switch is in the family room ( no power in or wires leading to the light just a black,white,and red ) and one is in the laundry room ( power in and wires to the kitchen lights also 3 wire ). the switch in the laundry room I would like to put a 3 prong receptacle and the family room switch would control the porch light.I have tried to wire it to work the light and everything I try ends up not working or popping the breakers. I have a basic knowledge of house electrical but this 3 wire stuff is very confusing. help me so I canget this porch light working again. thanks oh the house was built in 1963 if that helps


No problem. You will have to forget your dreams of an easy receptacle. [Nice idea, though] Just put everything back the way it was before you fiddled with it. [Like all professionals, you did create a diagram before you tore it apart, right?]

If not, you are truly screwed. Just write back and admit your lack of foresight and I will tell you exactly what I need to know to solve your problem. [also no problem]


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