3phase system

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I have to wire up a building with 4/0 awg wire and 3 hots and a ground to the main breaker inside the building panel and the 3 hots and ground to the outside of the building panel. I was wondering since theres A,B, and C phase do i need to wire the outside panel the same as the inside panel since each phase is 120v i believe. Like A to A B to B and C to C but what happens if i do it A to B B to C and C to A just incase i forgot which wire i hooked up first



When it comes to a 3-phase system it doesn't matter if you wire a to b or c to a. The only time you would have to worry about this is if you have any 3-phase motors. If the motor runs backwards then you need to switch 1 leg to another leg this will make the motor run in the correct position.


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