3way dimmers

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I installed recessed lights in hallway with power going to first light then to next for five in total using three wire between each light with black continuing on and other two to fixture. Then i went back to two wire like the book says to first switch box, also ran three wire from same box to second box . So i have one box with a three wire and the other has two wire and a three wire. Tried to wire up a dimmer on each end but only one dims while the other dimmer goes on or off. My dimmers have two red wires and a black wire. no screws. did i wire this wrong somewhere.The end switch is the one which works for dimming and i didn't mention green grounds but they are wired correctly. Thanks for any help ..........


For starters, you can only put one dimmer in. Other than that, since it sounds like three-way dimmers, there must a wiring error [or a bad device]. Draw it out and send it to me.

BTW, There is a three wire between the two switch boxes that doesn't go through the lights, right?


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