3ways with multiple can light on a dimmer

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7 cans in basement. 3way at the top of steps and i want to have a dimmer at the bottom. is the dimmer any different than a switch to wire? 2nd question is, Just so im on the right page, i bring my feed to the 1st switch with 12-2, then jump to the dimmer with 12-3, red to black screw? then out to the 7 cans with 12-2 wired whites to whites and blacks to blacks???


The 3-way dimmer has wires to connect to and the 3-way switch has screws...the only difference.

The top (3-way) switch has 12/2 power source fed to it. From the top (3-way) switch your installing a 12/3 cable to the bottom (3-way) dimmer. The black and red wires in the 12/3 cable are the traveler wires...they will carry power between the top and bottom locations. Follow the instructions that come with the 3-way dimmer to connect the 12/3 cable wires to the correct 3-way dimmer wires. From the bottom 3-way dimmer, you will install a 12/2 cable to the can lights with black to black and white to white. Not mentioned BUT very important are the ground (green or bare) wires. They will all be connected to the appropriate green screws or greens wires on the switch, dimmer and can lights.


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