400 day german clock

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I have a clock that appears to be antique, its brass and glass about 9 1/2" tall and maybe 6" wide, On the back of mechanism is "Associated Merchandising Corp." and says Germany below that, on the glass thats on the sides is an etched pattern of flowers. It is a 400 day clock, has a key for winding and some kind of switch on bottom of clock. I can't find anything about this particular clock, was wondering how to work it to see if it still ran, dont have the pics uploaded, can upload if needed.


made in 1953 By the Herr company in Germany

wind the clock up with the key in the back of the mechanism

the swith is a locking device for the 4 ball pendulum when moving the clock to prevent breakage of the thin wire that holds the balls up so they can rotate.

more info on set up here:



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