4 way shocking

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I have a new kitchen which included a 4 way switched light fixture circuit. Today while my daughter was touching the Stainless Steel refrigerator door she switched on the 4 way switch and got shocked. I looked at it and in fact the screws in all the switches conduct 118 volts when grounded to refer door or a ground. It is only when the light is on. All the switches operate OK.

Thank for any insight you can give me.



Make sure the switch is properly grounded. If it is then the switch parts that are exposed should be safe unless you have a micro crack in the switch handle. If that is the case then you just need to replace the switch. That problem would only show up when you complete the path, like touching something metal that is grounded. Normally your body and shoes and floor covering would insulate you enough to not cause a problem.

If that is not the problem check the refrigerator ground. Make sure it is good and the polarity is not reversed on the plug.

Does it happen when only touching the door or any part of the refrigerator? There is a ground wire at the hinge that grounds the door. It is connected to the frame of the body to the frame of the door. Make sure that wire is firmly connected.

Do you have electronics or ice/water dispenser in the door? Check the grounding of that if you have it.


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