88 cadillac deville

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I have a 88 cadillac deville that started to idle while driving a year ago, so I parked it. A couple months ago replaced the alternator and battery, it drove well for a while but the car started accelerating on its own while driving it and also decreasing in speed. Someone told me I had to find someone with a old computer for that model too reset the engine. Never did, just parked it, now it starts but it want move....Is the car worth fixing and if so whats the next move?



You are asking me an open question if its worth fixing. It depends. Your idle issue could be a computer. It could be a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). You won't know until you at least tr swapping the computer. Depending on where you live, junk yards may still have these cars. 87&88 should be the same as well as the Eldos, Sevilles & Allantes with the 4.1.

If the car is in nice shape, its worth saving. Its still worth money too.



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