8 ft metalux flourescent light

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I have a metalux 8 ft (2 tube) fixture--Black & White wires with a plastic 2 part connector( 1 connected to b & w wires--factory wired and other part is a blade connector with 2 holes) Do I connect( push in) the B & W wires into these holes from the house line and connect the bare wire to a screw for ground.////This is to replace incandescent light in garage.....I bought this fixture at lowes months ago & opened the box etc and I think I am stuck with it now....The orange plastic 2 part connector is new to me...It looks like I should push in the B & W wires just like in the back of a wall recepticle I read Franks Q from 2007--but I could not find the answer....Thanks for UR help 17 May 2010


frank yes those are the new way of connecting wires,we in the field do not like them they are flimsy we use wire nuts to make sure you get a good connection. Yes you can hook up the ground to the designed ground screw connector.If you use those connectors you just push them in the extra hole and make sure they grip,test that by pulling on the wire to make sure it is connected.


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