96 dodge stratus fuel sender resistance chart

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Do you have the resistance chart for the fuel sending unit for a 1996 Dodge Stratus with a 2.4L engine? The fuel gauge doesn't read correctly. It will change if we put gas in it, but it shows a little over half a tank when the tank is empty. The grounds check good at the harness connector behind the back seat, and if we add even a few gallons of gas when the tank is empty the gauge will rise. Any thoughts besides a out of whack fuel sender? I did the gauge test you gave me earlier and the gauge seems to work ok.


Hi Frank, I have no spec for that in-tank sensor. My suggestion would be to measure it at the sensor output as a function of the empty-full range based upon your fill level estimate and then compare that to what you can measure at the dealer's parts counter for a new unit by bringing along your ohmmeter. The reading to the gauge is transmitted in digital format from the body computer which does read the current passing from the sensor and digitizes it. If a new sensor reads about the same as in your tank, then it would seem to be the body computer. But again I don't have any specs on how to trouble shoot a false reading. The cluster self-diagnostic is supposed to step F,1/2,1/2,E so if it does that, then it is likely the sensor in the tank is 'off'. But check it out as suggested above. If that is ok then it is presumably the body computer but that seems a 'reach'. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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