98 cadillac seville sts

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i have the bose stereo with 6cd changer and want to keep it, i replaced the stock subwoofer with an aftermarket and it works, but i love bass and the bose amp isnt enough, how do get an aftermarket amp in my car without frying something? plz i need more bass, thx



Your problem here is you are trying to mix and match dated factory components with new after market components and you don't want to fry something, chances are you will.

I know of no one that has the specs for the for a stereo that old and much of that information was proprietary from Bose as well.

The Bose unit in your car was was designed as a system and installation of non-Bose components will burn it up.

Over the years, we saw many times that the owner tinkered with the amplified speakers and blew out not only the speakers, but the head unit as well.

Because the car is 13 years old, you would be best off updating anyway and dumping the ancient (by today's standards) Bose and going with a new system if you want more base. This way you don't have mix and match and you know the system will meet your requirements.

The factory installed Bose was a great system, but very expensive to service because this was not the standard stereo that came with the car. This was a $1,300 option!

I don't think you will find any professional installer that will guaranty you won't do permanent damage to the Bose adding any more components than you have.

Good luck!



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