99 3.2 intrepid stalling out while driving

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My son's 99 intrepid quit running on the highway. we had it towed home last night but now it starts and continues to idle normally. i have read websites that suspect the driveshaft position sensor or cam position sensor as the cause of the stalling. is there a definitive way to correctly diagnose the cause of this problem without taking it to a dealership and having it checked with their diagnostic scope?


Hi Rick, Try the ignition switch:"on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see the mileage reading be replaced by a 4-digit number preceded by a P. Let me know what it is and we'll go from there. If that doesn't produce a fault code number, then often a nationwide parts store will use a plug-in code reader and do that for free. An independent shop will charge around $40. You are correct that either the crank or cam shaft sensor is to be suspected and the specific code will tell us which. Please "rate" my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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