99 chrysler sebring lxi: code 0401, 0750

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QUESTION: Hi Roland,

I went to advance auto the person had to hold the wire in to get the fault code readout. It said transmission selonoid & engine misfire. The car engine runs fine I never put 10% walmart ethanol gas in & always watch where I park as to not scrape the low plastic front end or get door dings.

The problem with the Transmission it go into limp mode then I have pull to unplug the the transmission relay switch & snap it back in that seems to temporary fix it. I feel it is some sort of electrical problem. The car just turned over 100,000 miles 4 months ago how are the transmissions on the chrysler sebrings. Please let me know what you think.

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ANSWER: Did you get the 4-digit fault code numbers? "Solenoid" is a generic term, so I would like the specific number. Same for the misfire. Did they tell you those numbers and if not have them do it again if possible for free.

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QUESTION: Hi Roland,

I went got codes

POZ750 shift selonoid PO401 egr system POZ700 transmission malfunction

afterwards while driving I wass surprised the service engine light blinked off & it stayed off all the way home. Please let me know what you think

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Hi Michael, The 0750 is a malfunction of the low-reverse solenoid located in the solenoid pack or its wiring. The pack is located on the outside of the transmission and can be unbolted easily and replaced with a new/rebuilt unit. There is a 2-page troubleshoot procedure to check the wiring before you opt for the replacement pack. Also the TCM ground could be bad or the TCM itself so you would want to go through the procedure I suspect. I don't know why the light went off and it probably will come back on. If you want the troubleshoot pages tell me your postal mailing address and I'll copy and mail them to you on Monday. The 0700 just says there is another tran fault code...the 0750. The 0401 is about the exhaust gas recirculation valve or its wiring. That too would turn on the check engine light. Find the valve and try lubricating the valve stem where it enters the valve body with some WD-40. Then move the stem back and forth via the slot in the valve stem using the tip of a screwdriver. That will probably cure that code. Please 'rate' my answer and consider giving a 'yes' response where you see the question about a nomination for me to be 'volunteer of the month' at Allexperts. Thanks, Roland


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