99 lhs atc blower power module

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QUESTION: I'm working on my in-laws LHS their initial issue was their blower would only run on high and wouldn't shut off, then eventually it quit all together. after investigating online I replaced the Blower power control module. it then worked for a few days as it should now it kicked out and is not working again. do you think it was just a bad module? or is there something else I should also replace when I put another module in? the module had lifetime warranty thankfully.

ANSWER: Hi Leif, You might do well to drop the blower motor out of the bottom right hand end of the HVAC unit and rotate it by hand to sense whether the bearings might be binding up and thus overtaxing the blower motor module. It may be that you could lubricate the bearing of the motor. I don't have any specs on how much current it should draw but that at least would be one way to check that out. Fuse 23 in the box at the left end of the dash (behind the end cap) is rated at 30 amp, so if you have an amp meter you could measure how much current the blower is drawing through that fuse to get a sense of the situation. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: Is the blower motor hard to drop out? I know it right by the module but didn't really pay much attention to it cause I thought for sure it was the module. and I don't have the car currently to check it out


Hi Leif, After you unplug its wires, squeeze the wires' grommet from the housing, then remove the screws that hold the lower housing cover in place and then the housing cover itself. You can then turn the motor by hand and if it seems 'tight' then remove the screws that are revealed that hold the motor in place, then the blower and motor will drop out. This is a atraightforward process I would believe. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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