99 town &country rad fan won't run

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this started with the fans running all the time i pulled fuse they stopped .Now they will not come on and the ac compressor cluch burnt up I changed the cluch and the new one also burnt after a few min


Hi Andy, I suspect that the radiator fan relay has failed. It is a 'solid state' device mounted forward of the radiator on the left front inner corner of the body. You would remove the left side 'marker lamp' and then peer inside and up to see it for removal. It has a 4-pin connector and the wiring harness from the fan assembly will also lead you to it. Chrysler had problems with these relays and for some models did a recall of the relay. So you could check at a dealer to see if yours was in that recall or not. But even before going to the relay check fuse 24 (40 amp) in the power distribution box under the hood as that may explain why they now don't work again. If you need the relay, be sure to remount it as you found it to be (i.e. if it is attached firmly to metal then similarly reattach the new one as that attachment is necessary to dissipate heat generated in the normal operation of the relay. Once you get the fans going again I would hope that the compressor clutch doesn't fail. I am not clear as to why that is happening UNLESS the compressor has worn bearings and is thus causing the clutch to slip in its attempt to drive it, and thus fails. So also consider that compressor as a secondary possible fix that needs to be done before this situation is resolved. Please "rate" my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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