A macro to count hyperlinks

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So basically what I am trying to do is to create a Macro that will go through a column inand count how many hyperlinks are in that column. Can this be done?


Sam Bruce:

To count the number of hyperlinks in column 9 (column "I") - change to your column

Sub countHyperlinks() Dim cnt As Long Dim hlink As Hyperlink For Each hlink In ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks

 If hlink.Parent.Column = 9 Then
   cnt = cnt + 1
 End If

Next MsgBox "number of hyperlinks in column I is " & cnt End Sub

if all the hyperlinks are in a single column then

Sub CountHyperlinksonsheet() MsgBox "number of hyperlinks is " & ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Count End Sub

Code should be in a general module in the visual basic editor. In the editor menu do Insert=>Module and put it in a module like that.


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