Ac "expansion device" removal: '92 lebaron

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How do I remove and replace the expansion device on my 92Lebaron convertible 6cyl? Is this going to involve removing the dash?


Hi William, I don't understand what you mean by the 'expansion device'. How was that device identified as being an issue, by an AC service-person? If you mean the "expansion valve" then 'no', you don't have to remove the dash, as that is located on the engine compartment side, mounted on the firewall. I may have to photocopy and mail you the procedure unless I can find it on a CD manual which I can copy and attach to an email. If you mean the 'evaporator coil' then that is inside the AC/heater housing, under the dash and is about a 30-step process to remove the housing. Let me know if you are dealing with the 'expansion valve', or the 'evaporator coil'. So, ask a NEW question, and click on the box to make it PRIVATE, then tell me your email address and your postal mailing address in the text of the question. Please "rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

PS Thanks for the rating and nomination. I would best photocopy and postal mail you the pages. So simply ask a follow-up question where you tell me your postal mailing address.


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