Ac recharge:'94 cherokee

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Where is the low pressure service port on my 94 Grand Cherokee 5.2 liter?


Hi Albert, Take a look at the far end of the compressor to see if there might not be plastic caps that cover the ports there, and if not follow the low pressure line away from the compressor until you find it toward the rear of the engine compartment. My '94 Chrysler LH car manual shows a compressor with 2 ports located on the far end of the compressor, the high side port faces up, and the low port is sideways facing toward the drive belt/clutch end of the compressor. A different '94 Chrysler car manual shows the low pressure port to be likewise on the compressor but in that case it is on the rear flat surface and faces away from the drivebelt/clutch end. Unfortunately, as stated in my profile, I don't have manuals for Jeeps of the 90's. But you may have a system like one of those I described. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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