Adding a find button to a spreadsheet

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My boss has asked me to add a find button on to a spreadsheet so when people who are notsavy, can click a cell and the Find option pops up.

Rather than typing "Ctrl F".


In VBA you can pop up theFind dialog with the code:


so you just need to put a button on your sheet and add this code to the macro or Click event procedure it runs. If you use an ActiveX button (i.e., a button from the Controls toolbox) the button will generate a click event in the worksheet's event code module, so you want to add the above line of code to it so that it looks like this:

Sub Button1_Click()


End Sub

But if you use a Forms button (from the Forms toolbar), you should add a macro to a standard macro module and assign the button the run it. The macro should look like this:

Sub PopFindDialog()


End Sub


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