Adding convience outlets in basement

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I'd like to install two outlets in my finished basement.

On the inside wall, is it permissible to use romex (or whatever they call it now) or do I have to use Greenfield or thinwall conduit?

On the outside wall, is it permissible to use wiremold and tap off an existing outlet?

The outlets would be about a foot off the floor - would the rules change if I placed them higher up on the wall?

I live in Minneapolis Minnesota.



Any wires exposed would need to be in conduit. Any wires inside the drywall or paneling could be romex. Yes, wiremold would be appropriate.

No, the rules would not change. As long as the outlet is at or below the ceiling the regular rules apply.

The main time the rules are different is when the outlet is in the attic or above a garage with an open ceiling. As long as the outlet is above the ceiling height the wires can be ran in romex.

Of course there are always exceptions and each job has to be evaluated to adhere to the letter of the NEC and the spirit of the NEC.


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