Adding date & time in one column

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the basics of this question have already been answered I know I can add A+B to get date & time in one field. However to take this a stage further thereport I am working on is pulled from SAP. The time format is 12 hour clock and it does display AM/PM when the data is extracted. However, as soon as I add the date and time columns together it ignores the AM/PM rendering the report useless. I would normally just switch to 24 hour clock but I need it in 12 hour format to enable a merge with anotherreport pulled from another database. Any thoughts on how I can get AM/PM across without manually inputting each line?


I am kinda like the mechanic that can't find the noise the customer is complaining about. I can't duplicate your problem so its a bit difficult to find the solution. I can offer a suggestion. Usually the problems with time and dates occur because of formatting. Check the formatting of the cells you are transferring from and transferring to and make sure it is the formatting that you need. When I perform your procedures, the only thing that seem to make them not work is the formatting. I'm guessing that you have already checked that so this may not be much help, but hopefully it will be.


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