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How are you? I have a query. I want to learn Advanceconcepts in detail. I tried browsing on Google for some online tutorials or eBooks but couldn't find any type which I¡¯m looking for.

Could you please suggest me something how can i learnin detail all the advance concepts which are mainly used in maintain huge data and creating different types of reports, creating macros etc. I want to learn all the functions that are used in these things. I have basic know of also. Could you please help me with some material or eBooks of online links.

I'm really in need of it sir. Please help me.


Here is one good place to start:

There are plenty of good books - John Walkenbach is a good place to start:

he books that cover many, many of the advanced features including charting, formulas, vba. He lists his books at that site. He also has tips pages that illustrate many advanced techniques.

if you know, then you might not want to spend a lot of time using VBA. You can programexternally using vb.Net.

Chip Pearson has extensive information on all aspects of Excel

Debra Dalgleish has a lot of information on pivot tables, data validation, and many other topics

Stephen Bullen covers advanced topics see his books as well. Microsoft Knowledge Base for programming - has a special section on programming office

Obviously there are many many more sources. some of the above sites have links pages with links to other sites. Google should be your friend as well.


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