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I have a sligh grandfather clock and was trying to determine age. The back has the following: Style 872W-998 Movement 109B Packing 117/393 It says trend on the front of the clock.


I'm sorry it's hard to determine the age of your clock by the numbers you gave me.

If there is a phone number for the Sligh company you may want to contact them for more information. They may have that in their data base.


I just purchased a Howard Miller wall clock at an Estate sale. I was wondering when this was manufactured, the model number is 613-227, serial number 41460187


ou can ask Howard miller :

this was the "Cherry Creek" model- list at $625 in 1998

was also in the 1996 catalog

OR: stamped info off the back of the mechanism itself will have a date code---advise...


how old seth thomas clock no b122/27


Hollis, I do not recognize the number. Can you send a digital photo to my email address below? The Seth Thomas date codes were like:


Reverse the numbers to 1898 and that would be the year. The "d" is the month, which is the 4th letter of the alphabet or the 4th month being April.


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