Age of sligh clock

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Sligh grandfather clock

I recently purchased a sligh grandfather clock. The model #0961-1-1893. It does say 'Newport' on a label stuck to the housing. Would you have some idea of the approximate age and original purchase price? I have attached a picture.


Uri, I'm sorry but I do not have any information on the ages of Sligh Clocks, as they are no longer in the clock business and here is very little avilable history of models. Also I do not give values of clocks as I am not an cerified apprasier. I would suggest that you go to some of the on-line auction sites such as eBay for similar clocks being sold. Most modern production clock do not appreciate in value. The value would depend on the original selling price (not listed or asking), the condition of the movement and case and the demand and economy of the area in which you are in. Sorry I could not help you.


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