Alabama Gun Permit and Reciprocity in Florida

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Last Updated: Mar 07, 2014 07:22 PM GMT

I recently got my Alabama gun permit and will be moving soon to Florida. When I get my new drivers license in Fl will my AL gun permit still be valid even if issued in Alabama?


The most recent information about this matter is that for a concealed weapons permit to be valid in Florida it must have been issued to a resident of the state in which it was issued. The trick there is that if you are "moving" as you say, to Florida, then you will no longer be a resident of Alabama, will you?

But since a Florida concealed weapons permit is valid in Alabama, reciprocity is assumed while you are transitioning to your new domicile.

Just apply for a Florida permit as soon as you get settled.

This is a handy chart by those worthy folks at CCRKBA at


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